Bruder Tactica Corlis


Chapter: Raptors
Solo Mode: Marksmans Honour (+ 10BS auf long/extreme range)
Chapter Demeanour: A History of Pragmatism
Specialty: Tactical Marine
Chapter Trapping: Marksman Combat Sight mit
Focal Targeter (PER Bonus auf PEN)
Laser Tracer (+10 auf BS mit Single Shot)

Wounds 29
Fatepoints 4
Movement 6

Weapon Skill- 30
Ballistic Skill- 55
Strength- 30
Toughness- 50
Agility- 55
Intelligence- 40
Perception- 55
Willpower- 40
Fellowship- 30

Command Trained
Dodge Trained
Concealment +20
Silent Move +20
Survival Trained

Talents etc:
Deed: Price of victory
-Master Crafted Legs ( + 2 Tbonus im bein, Sprint, + 20 Leap or Jump)
-Master Crafted Eyes ( + 2 Tbonus kopf, Heightened Senses (sight))
Bolter Mastery (+ 10 BS und +2dmg mit boltwaffen)
Signature Wargear (Stalker Pattern Bolter mit Fire Selector)
Rapid Reload


Power Armour:Aquila Pattern (Terror Be Thy Friend = Fear 1 )


Bruder Tactica Corlis

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